Welcome to Khazov, Kashkin & Partners

The law offices of Khazov, Kashkin & Partners provide consistently high-quality legal services both inside and outside of Russia, and in connection with both domestic and international matters.

Our lawyers have extensive experience advising and representing our business clients in areas of Real Estate and Construction, Employment Law, Corporate Law, Taxation, Intellectual Property, Arbitration & Court litigation, Bankruptcy, International Trade and Customs.

As a boutique firm, we are also able to support our private clients in the fields of civil law, family law, and criminal law.

Our firm proudly distinguishes itself through our strengths:
  • being able to find the optimal combination of different branches of the law in relation to any particular matter
  • our network of highly-skilled professional experts
  • the teamwork we bring to each project
  • our ability to protect our clients' interests through our privacy policy and risk insurance
Our firm is active in developing respect for rule of law in Russia, rendering investment simple and more attractive, and helping Russian companies develop commercial relations with foreign partners.

Our foremost goal, however, is the protection of the interests of our clients through all the ways permitted by the law.

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